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Jett Prescott

To book Jett for your venue or event, please call (661) 444-7144 or message us through our contact page.  

Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, Jett spent most of his life fascinated by technology, exploring related professions from web design to programming throughout his academic career. With an undeveloped passion to sing and bass guitar skills he picked up from his father, it wasn't until the summer after he graduated high school that he discovered his innate love for piano. This broadened his musical horizons exponentially, whereas music had only been a passing curiosity... 

Over the next four years, Jett would go on to graduate from Penn State University with a BA in cyber security, while continuing to teach himself piano, followed by guitar. Upon discovering piano, Jett literally did not go a day without practicing for over two years straight. "It was an entirely new side of myself that I had discovered, providing absolute emotional therapy - I would utilize the Internet for tutorials on how to play a Billy Joel hit, and within two weeks I would be comfortable playing and singing it entirely. The motivation I found from such quick results turned sitting down and playing into an addiction." After several local band projects and collaborating with other musicians, he gained confidence in performing and began writing his own songs - Jett's raw original vibe has been popularly described by fans and media as"Elton John meets John Lennon". 

He focused roughly a years worth of free time in college to self-record, produce, and mix his first original album demo Without Wings (June 2011), which was released locally and through popular digital distributors such as iTunes. 500 physical copies were produced, selling out at $5 each via local gigs. The demo album's success sparked a series of events that secured a 5-day recording session at the acclaimed Clear Track Studios in Clearwater, Florida (John Legend, Chic Corea, Boyce Avenue). These sessions yielded the 4-track eponymous Jett Prescott EP consisting of his first modern-quality recordings - produced and mixed by Daniel Holsinger/James Forbes and mastered by legend Scott Hull, the EP now sees worldwide rotation on Pandora Internet Radio. "Put Me Down in Wine" has received praise from, and VEVO published the official music video - Jett skyrocketed to #5 on ReverbNation's Los Angeles charts (#27 globally) following a homepage feature, and Music Connection Magazine named Jett Prescott #2 among the top 25 new original artists of the year based on their review of the EP. Worldwide-leading wedding organization "The Knot" has since recognized Jett as LA's top solo musician with their annual "Best Of" award. 

Since relocating to the west coast for recording, Jett is working hard on his first full album release while showcasing his music in popular Los Angeles venues. "I'm really looking forward to sharing this album with the have asked me about so many of the [unrecorded] originals I play live, so I'm incredibly stoked to finally deliver them!"

Jett Prescott Full Song List

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