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Wedding Service Package

We can offer a full package service that allows our clients the one-stop-shop experience.  

Performing and DJ'ing -- A typical wedding which incorporates live and DJ'd music involves our artist(s) arriving early to set up multiple  PA systems at the different wedding day event locations.  Depending on the specific event details that you have planned with the artist, the artist you have selected will most likely perform live for the ceremony and cocktail hour, either perform or DJ through dinner, and then DJ the reception.  The artist can also transition back to their instrument for the special dances if desired, making them much more intimate and special. This mixing of live music with DJ'ing creates a much needed balance in long events, such as weddings and corporate dinner parties, where one or the other would become monotonous.  

Photography -- Through years of working events with hundreds of photography professionals, Audio Artists, Inc. has developed relationships with dozens of top-notch photographers.  Audio Artists can provide photographer options at a discounted rate when also securing our music services.

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