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MEET Our Bands

To book any of our bands for your venue, private event, or wedding, please call (661) 444-7144, email, or send a message through our CONTACT page.

Lockwood is a high energy group of exceptional musicians.  Lead vocalist Timothy Davis entertains and captivates like one of the greats.  Lockwood plays multiple genres including adult contemporary, rock, country, and more.  

Nevada Divide is an Indie-Folk Country Male/Female Duo consitisting of McKail Seely and Timothy Davis. Their sweet harmonies, energy, and fun song choices make them the best singing duo you could possibly hire for your event. Book them as a duo or as a full band for even more energy and sound!

Based out of Studio City, California, Dylan Dunlap has taken over the streets, music clubs, and even living rooms of Los Angeles and beyond with his more than ordinary covers and original songs.  An emotional and powerful performer, he brings a unique take to all of the songs you know.  

Everett Coast is an acoustic guitar driven duo of woven voices & fused songwriting. Having played thousands of shows and entertained countless festivals, parties, and showgoers throughout California and beyond, Everett Coast's signature sound is an immediate hit with all who listen.  This is one of California's top performing duos.  


Luci is the magical result of a spontaneous session between three songwriters. When McKail, Ariana and Ashley got together for the first time on March 12th, 2015, it was in the living room of a North Hollywood apartment with roommates sleeping in the next room over. The moment they sang their first extremely quiet harmony together, they knew this was a musical bond that couldn’t be ignored.

A passionate and thoughtful singer/songwriter, Matt Koelsch ['kel-sh’] has built his musical career around stirring lyrics, percolating rhythms, and soaring vocals.
His songs strike a chord with listeners as he draws inspiration from the gains, losses and adventures throughout his life.

Ben Wilkins is quite possibly one of the most entertaining and talented artists in Los Angeles.  The Canadian born multi-instrumentalist just released his new album, All From Hello.  Find it today!

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