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Angela Mukul

To book Angela Mukul for your venue or event, please call (661) 444-7144 or message us through our contact page.  

My story…

Technically I was an “unexpected gift”, as my Mom says. My parents were high school sweethearts and decided to get married at 19 when they found out I was on the way. The marriage lasted less than two years and my mom dropped out of college to find a job to take care of me. I was raised by my single mom and in the early years, we lived with my grandparents. I started singing before I could talk, always performing my made up songs for my grandma to record. She recorded me singing and being weird every single day.

I sang and performed in musicals all throughout elementary school and continued singing in choir throughout junior high and high school. It wasn’t until high school that I realized my passion for songwriting when I was introduced to guitar by my now stepdad. I began writing and performing as a solo artist at 15 with my very first show at a local coffee house called Java Joe’s in Orange County, where I grew up. I performed at hundreds of venues throughout high school and college.  My mom made me go to college...“you can absolutely pursue music and chase your dreams, but you’re getting a degree first.” It meant so much to her, I would be a first generation college grad and I would do anything to make my mom proud. She worked her butt off to give me a great life. So, as promised, I went straight to college and graduated with a Business Management degree and a Music minor. 

After graduating at 21, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue music with all of my heart. I didn’t apply to any full-time jobs that would “make use” of my degree and internships, because I didn’t want any distractions. I wanted to immerse myself in my craft. I worked as a waitress at several different restaurants and later as a nanny. All the while, I recorded music, wrote songs, uploaded videos, released an EP, was a finalist on a singing competition show called the Next, where I was mentored by Gloria Estefan, took music and dance lessons, performed, and continued the struggle of making my dreams a reality.

Today, I’m still here doing just that. I make a living performing at various venues and private parties. I know that all of these years, experiences, hard work and practice have been necessary to develop who I am as an artist, my voice, my talents and my message. I’ve gone through a lot of musical phases and have come full circle to know my true strengths and who I am as a songwriter and singer. I got swept up in the notion that all that mattered was writing a hit pop song to get noticed. I now know that is exactly wrong for me. What makes me tick is infusing my heart and soul into my music regardless of any said genre. I want to make a lasting impression and have a life long career as a songwriter and singer that relates to people across the globe. That means I will write about what speaks to me and sing with the soulful tone inherent to me. My goal has always been to inspire people through the gifts I’ve been entrusted with and I hope that I can do that forever, in any way, big or small. This road has only just begun.

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